Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates and fanatics, Vee and Neo are now trending

Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates and fanatics, Vee and Neo are now trending

on Twitter and youtube over an exclusive talk they got when you look at the Big Brother home.

The BBNaija buffs, Neo and Vee brought up suspicions having gender during the Lockdown residence.

Almost everything moving on Wednesday evening after Vee reported that this dish have not watched their duration towards week.

Once again, on Thursday, Neo requested if she possesses noticed the girl course, putting that this bimbo appears expecting.

The two happened to be in the kitchen cooking if Neo earned a pregnancy touch that Vee after that confronted to f**k him up-and told him is scared as an alternative. But an unbothered Neo played straight down any worries before Vee answered to your, stating: “It would come by the next day.’

When Neo said to the that this chick almost certainly simply miscalculated, a noticeably worried Vee disagreed and mentioned that she’s held it’s place in the large Brother House for 30 days and just one day.

WITHIN NIGERIA remembers that artist, Vee got previously cried up that this dish is sex starved and could maybe not hold it along for yet another 5 weeks if she continued in the home.

Effectively, the kitchen talk within fancy creatures have stirred suspicions from BBNaija enthusiasts that happen to be speculating which housemates got intercourse wherein there had been no webcams.

Here are some responses from viewing audiences lower:

Isaactweet “ Exactly who just read the convo between Neo and Vee in the kitchen?wish Vee is not pregnant, years so far to come!Are most people on the verge of bring a Big buddy youngster?

OfficialGeno “ and we understand given that Neo and Vee received gender. Incidentally, Lord penalize kayode. Better, Vee featuresn’t observed them cycle and is particularly concerned this woman is pregnant. Neo are developing as it’s no problem for him or her.”

Temitope852 “ Vee might grumbling to Neo about the woman later cycle and exactly how Ne9 should always be scared. This individual mentioned he’s a grownup and can’t be frightened of being pregnant.”

MsJojacobs “Does it suggest Neo and Vee created fancy. How come she asking Neo if they are not just scared that the lady period are later part of the?

Romina_Moore “My God never flops. Extremely Vee and Neo experienced unprotected sex and her years becoming slowed tends to make their seems like she pregnant?

Olori_Renike “Did Vee and Neo have sex? She’s truly concerned with this period wey don miss o. “

Mz_B_b “ I’m positive they’ve been having sex when you look at the toilet since the digital cameras don’t demonstrate the lavatory.”

Ojurepepe “ Things steady-going in that household. I’m positive Eric and Lilo way too nonetheless can’t indicate to us.”

Kay_20 “ Vee just advised Neo the man is frightened (she possesn’t noticed her years but) these currently sex.”

_Sophh98 “ ways Vee are informing Neo with this routine things, they’ve done some. I Am Hoping the cycle appear.”

Ajibolaoni4 “ Biggie is just about to be an uncle.”

De_dedun “ So Vee and Neo happen shattering? Wawu. I Really Hope these are typically only joking sha due to time period overlook.”

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